Hadrosaur femur for scale.

Hadrosaur femur for scale.


My name is Mary Sanche, and I'm a science & editorial illustrator based in Drumheller, Alberta. I studied at the Alberta University of the Arts (ACAD at the time). By day I work at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology as a graphic designer, and by night I let my pencils and brushes create fanciful creatures and scenes. I work in watercolour and gouache with a side of digital to make my colourful, line-based paintings and designs. My favourite dinosaur is Parasaurolophus.

Publications & Exhibitions include Canadian Geographic, Nature Conservancy of Canada, Cricket Media, the Walrus, the Bower Bird and Botanica Exhibitions with Light Grey Art Lab, and the Fan Art Exhibit at the Pumphouse Theatre Art Gallery in Calgary.

You can purchase products with my artwork from my Thoughts Up North shop on Redbubble, or at my Etsy store via the ‘SHOP’ link above.

Contact me at mary.c.sanche@gmail.com for any inquiries.